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InnoMake in the workplace


InnoMake stands for „Innovation“ and „Make“.

We want to share this message with all companies that consider it important to hire people with disabilities and support them at their place of work.

We developed InnoMake so that you, as a company, can provide a safe working environment for your employees with disabilities, without having to adapt the company premises.

We offer to equip company employees with restricted mobility and visual impairments with InnoMake.


> Occupational accidents have no place in the workplace or on the way to work


Your employees can then focus more on work than avoiding obstacles.

Experience shows that people will often put their white canes aside in very familiar surroundings (work, home, etc.) to sometimes simply have both hands free. However, this is exactly where accidents happen due to spontaneous obstacles, e.g. a briefcase on the floor, boxes from suppliers, etc.


> The alternative is to hold the white cane and have one hand occupied, or wear shoes that detect obstacles


Of course, InnoMake can also be used together with the white cane and this is often strongly advisable, especially on the road. The white cane is not registered as an obstacle by InnoMake, which issues a warning long before the white cane comes into contact with any obstacles so that sudden collisions can be avoided.

Find out for yourself and get in contact with our Sales team.

The employee can subsequently test InnoMake either at work or at home.


> You have the choice to make your working environment a safer place


As a regional and innovative start-up, we offer flexible and individual solutions to increase inclusion and safety within your company.


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