Ing. Kevin Pajestka

R&D, manufacturing and marketing


I am freshly motivated every day by experiencing the daily workings of a young and dynamic team that is highly committed to working on an innovative product, such as InnoMake.
The development of a system that not only helps people, but is also in tune with the times, is an exciting project.
Technology with a supportive effect should not be barricade, the interaction must work properly, and this is the focus of our developments.


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Portrait Kevin Pajestka

Mag. Markus Raffer

Business Development, Finance & Sales


It is a privilege to be able to work on something that you are passionate about day in, day out. If this work simultaneously creates added value for society by making people independent in their everyday lives, then I believe you have found something very special. Each individual satisfied customer is a huge motivation for me to make Tec-Innovation and InnoMake even better.


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Portrait Markus Raffer


Internal Development

External Experts

Sales | Customer Service

Portrait Robert Tekenbroek

Robert Tekenbroek | Head of sales

After a successful market launch in Austria and Germany, it is a great honour to take Tec innovation to the next level to expand our dealer network to other European countries.
With a unique invention to help the blind and visually impaired, the InnoMake offers me a fascinating field to work in, especially with a young dynamic start-up-team always striving to expand the product portfolio with mind baffling new technologies. The number one priority is to give our users, safety, security and confidence in their daily lives.

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Eva Simsa | Backoffice

This company proves, that team spirit and communication are essential for enjoying work. This combined with the fact, that an innovative and empathic spirit made all of this possible, is something very satisfying and it motivates me the to perform my tasks in the best way possible.

Internal Development

Portrait Christopher Schwarz

Christopher Schwarz, MSc. | Software development

Having been an employee from the very beginning, I have already experienced many things with Tec-Innovation GmbH and I had the opportunity to co-develop a promising and useful product from the outset. Starting with a prototype and then realising a marketable product requires a great deal of creativity, flexibility, courage and perseverance from the development team. I am proud to be part of this team. The management team is very happy to respond to requests, such as e.g. the introduction of one month paternity leave, hence I believe this company to be very friendly and cooperative – as a start-up should be.

Portrait Roman Hammerschmid

Roman Hammerschmid | Sales Engineer

Keeping the idea of developing a necessary tool in mind is what drives me and turns innovative ideas into reality. Technology is not just technology, it fundamentally differs in the attitude for what purpose you create it. I am highly motivated by the development, success and progress of an Austrian start-up that supports those who sometimes find everyday life difficult to push forward together with the “Tec-Family”.

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Mag. Andreas Horvath | Deep Learning and object detection

It is not easy to find a task in the field of IT that is as meaningful as the task here at Tec-Innovation.
The skills that I have developed over decades and my constant motivation to adapt technological innovations are highly appreciated.
The fascinating world of Deep Learning paired with multimedia technologies, such as 3D cameras and software synthesisers, results in a future-orientated, interdisciplinary approach from which blind people should benefit in the future.

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Johann Trent | Annotation of image information

Tec-Innovation offers a various job that I really enjoy.
Annotating images and finding difficult obstacles to „feed“ our deep learning algorithms are only part of my job. The assembling of the InnoMake is also a very exciting part of my activity. Since the company and the colleagues are dynamic and motivated, there is a great and open working atmosphere – I like!

External Experts

Portrait Sascha Rohrbach

DI Alexander Sascha Rohrbach | Development

At a time when research, development and production is migrating to other parts of the world on such a massive scale, it fills me with great joy to have supported a great idea and co-developed a top Austrian product. I wish Tec-Innovation all the very best!

Portrait Manuel Himmler

Ing. Manuel Himmler | Web & IT support

I have been there from the start and I mostly have just little things to do – I support the team with IT tasks and projects which go beyond normal IT problems. So it is all the more exciting and great to see time and again what has happened since our last contact and that the Vienna start-up is continuing to grow and reaching one milestone after the other.

Portrait Manuel Pabstmann

Mag. Manuel Pabstmann | Logistics, import & export

Supporting Tec-Innovation allows me to share my knowledge with a young company whose daily incentive is to improve everyday life for people with disabilities. In this respect, Tec-Innovation has incredible innovation potential paired with a highly motivated team. I am very proud to be an external part of this team.

Portrait Daniel Gepp

Daniel Gepp | Photography

When we presented our diploma thesis in 2012, I did not know what an innovative company it would develop into. It is amazing what Kevin and his team have made out of it. I wish the entire team all the best and I look forward to future cooperation in the area of photography.

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