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Lächelndes Kind weil es Vibrationen vom naviGürtel spürt
CEO Marku Raffer mit Guides und Projektteilnehmern in Meru
Treffen von "Kenya Society for the Blind" in Nairobi
Produktvorstellung mit Kind
Tec-Inno Dem beim Besprechen mit SOS Members
Produktvorstellung im Dorf
Einschulung in InnoMake mit blindem Teenager
Produktvorstellung bei Teilnehmer*innen
Tests mit InnoMake Outdoor vor seinem Haus
Gruppenfoto mit Testern
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The aim of the project is to help children, teenagers and adults – men and women with visual impairments to get to school or to work, to simplify their general everyday life and to prevent accidents. For this reason, the following associations and companies joined forces and created the project „Africa in focus – help for blind people“. Now it is possible to bring High-tech to Africa and to offer developing countries more perspective in the field of blind aids. A small detail in advance – the persons receiving one of our products are: Kevin (12), Stanley (37), father Joseph (70) and son David (37), Kelvin (19), Vincent (17),  and Christine (17).

Additionally, we, Tec-Innovation, are cooperating with feelSpace to have the InnoMake systems and naviBelt manufactured locally in Africa for their application – from shoe production to electronic component assembly. This saves delivery routes, creates jobs and serves the people of Kenya! This is almost impossible without donations, so we appreciate any support, no matter how small!


Goals already achieved

All blind project participants in Kenya have already received test kits with InnoMake shoes, InnoMake clips and naviBelts from the company FeelSpace and have been trained by our team on site.

On the very first day, a blind father was able to tell that for the first time in his life he left the house alone and visited a grocery store while his wife was at work – a great experience for both sides!Even a blind twelve-year-old child walked longer distances safely during the test and was so happy to give us a hearty smile!

For all blind participants it was a unique, successful experience, combined with a lot of emotions and the motivation to leave their house more often from now on.

Now it depends on the donations whether the enthusiastic test persons can keep the products forever and make their everyday life safer! With your donation it will be possible to produce our products locally to improve the economical situation in Kenya. So be part of something BIG and enable something unique with your donation, no matter how small – every donation helps.

We proudly present the local organizations as our partners for this project:

    • Kenya Society for the Blind
    • United Persons with Disabilities of Kenya
    • Kilimanjaro Blind Trust
SOS Kinderdorf empfängt Tec-Inno und Team, SOS children's village welcomes Tec-Inno and team

Cooperation with local manufacturers


Our CEO Kevin Pajestka visited many manufacturers in Nairobi and evaluated how to produce the InnoMake systems and naviBelt there. The target was to produce the systems which will be used in Africa, in Kenia, to improve the economical situation there.

Mr. Pajestka visualized how those companies work, their workers‘ conditions, the quality they provide and met the CEOs personally. Ones are also interested to employ people with disabilities, if we would start the project! We met following companies in Nairobi/Kenya, which we acquire together with the Austrian Economic Chamber of Kenia (linked):

  • Textil- and shoe manufacturer for the InnoMake, naviBelt and packaging
  • Producers of electronic PCB and assemblers
  • Manufacturers of molded housings for diverse casings
  • Professionals for assemble the electronic PCBs and housings and making the quality check
  • Marketing and sales – to distribute the products

In addition to this we met also the administration of the most famous university of Kenia for assistive technology.

CEO Kevin Pajestka mit CEO von NumerliOT, CEO Kevin Pajestka with CEO of numerliOT
Logo Diamani Kouta

Diamani Kouta

…is a non-profit association for the promotion of aid projects in Africa. This very committed association has already been able to implement the following projects in Africa:

  • Boat to stay
  • Agricultural land to stay
  • Ecology to stay
  • Health to stay
  • Education to stay

Now Diamani Kouta also has an interest in bringing high-tech to Africa. „We try to help people in Africa in several areas – with aids for the visually impaired, this is our first time“ emphasizes founder Eva Mück „and I’m really looking forward to it!“.
We really appreciate Diamani Kouta’s expertise, drive and willingness to help – without these qualities an aid project would be unthinkable – many THANKS for that!


Logo Feelspace

FeelSpace naviBelt

The German company feelSpace is part of the project with their blind aid – the naviBelt. This enables people with visual impairment to reach their destination safely not only in Europe, but from now on also in Kenya/Africa. Whether to school, to the workplace, the visit to family and friends or simply a walk – with the naviGürtel this is easier and above all safer – many THANKS for it!

SOS Children's Villages Int. & Kenya

The two organizations SOS Children’s Villages International and SOS Kenya are also very interested in ensuring that people, especially in their villages, can spend their daily lives safely and independently – „Safe, reliable, accessible and affordable technology is important; for everyone needing it.“ emphasizes Stefan van der Swaluw, Program Lead. Thanks to SOS Children’s Villages, this pilot project can be carried out quickly, efficiently and, above all, professionally – many THANKS for that!




Our mission is to help people with visual impairments around the world to simplify their daily lives, that can be rocky at times and make mobility safer. Therefore, we have launched this project. In addition, we are striving to ensure that the InnoMake systems, as well as the naviBelt by feelSpace, can subsequently be produced locally in Africa for their use. For this purpose, we will meet companies located in the Kenyan area and try to implement this plan together. This project will create jobs, more efficient and ecological supply routes and strengthens Kenya’s productivity – a project with many different goals that we can only achieve together with you! Both managing directors, Kevin Pajestka and Markus Raffer, together with Dario Madani from FeelSpace, will bring the high-tech products to Kenya at the end of September. The donation project will expectedly be opened until the end of 2022.
statement form our president


We may send you the certification via Mail, please send us an enquiry to:

Certificate FRONT
Certificate BACK
CEO von TecInno, Kevin Pajestka erklärt den InnoMake Clip einer Familie afrikanischer Herkunft
InnoMake on blue Waldviertler shoe_©Tec-Innovation
Bild: Mann und Frau in der Stadt. Frau trägt naviGürtel und führt Mann Richtung Hotel
Logo Diamani Kouta
Logo SOS Kinderdorf
Bild: InnoMake-Aufsatz_©Tec-Innovation
InnoMake on blue Waldviertler shoe_©Tec-Innovation
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