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Whether it’s measuring truck trailers for efficient and cost-saving loading, loading a construction machine precisely and safely onto a low-loader, or telling the forklift which goods should be moved and where – with our know-how, all these things are possible now – with just one smartphone and our app, instead of many sensors and complex operation!

Situations where very high-quality sensors and highly complex software are in danger of failing, is exactly, where we come in. Environments that are never the same, but the same work has to be done – that is one of our special topics.

AI, AR and/or 3D object recognition is no longer an option in manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and more, it’s a MUST.

The later you consider applying state of the art technology, the bigger the advantage of your competitors.





With today’s modern possibilities of 3D-object-recognition, objects can be recognized, captured and even measured. Down to centimetres it is possible to measure goods, rooms, areas and prepare them for further steps. This is used, for example, in logistics to measure the loading area of a truck and find out how many europallettes find space on it – even completely individual non-standard pallettes!

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Thanks to the continuous development in the field of AI (artificial intelligence), it is now possible for us to classify objects that have been detected, such as person-recognition, but also for individual applications to build their own AI – for example, if object X looks like a car, it may pass, if not, the barrier remains closed; or people with stored faces may approach the heavy construction machine, for other people, the machine sends alarm. Also, anomaly detection is possible for us! This is used, for example, in production procedures to detect deficiencies. Other applications are sound classification, lane detection (so that a machine follows a line), and many more.


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Above the sceneries of the ‘real world’, there is AR – augmented reality. With our algorithms we can set points, which are valid for further measurements as a reference. This can be helpful e.g., for the docking of a truck at the ramp to dock exactly in the centre, or e.g., for the separation of an object in equal distances, without having to measure with the scale. Many other data can be used: Angle, orientation, speed, etc.


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Our solution to your problem consists of an iPhone with an integrated, highly efficient processor, a high-resolution camera and lidar sensor also integrated, our algorithm and a multi-member & motivated team of developers who make all this possible for you.





It will be our pleasure to advise you regarding the use of AI, AR and 3D-object-recognition!

Together, we’ll have a look at the problems to be solved and consider the best solutions as a team. Then we’ll be able to start with a prototype.

If you need support with applying for funding for further steps, you can count on our experience.

We are looking forward to your request!


In the area of transportation our algorithm supports:

  • the correct loading of vehicles on low loaders
  • the correct alignment of vehicles for their application
  • control of safe loading of goods
  • precise docking of the truck on the loading ramp
  • measuring of loading areas and calculation of the goods to be loaded
  • the optimization of delivery times
  • and much more


Concerning logistics our algorithm supports:

  • the calculation for the optimal loading of a truck (quantity of goods) – individually
  • the automation of loading by modern forklifts
  • faster localization of goods
  • to assign goods reference values for further processes
  • the measurement and automated calculation of the quantity of goods
  • line tracking for transport machines, e.g., forklifts
  • and much more


In connection with production our algorithm supports

  • Detection of defects by anomaly detection (deviations from the normal)
  • e.g., damage to a package, a crooked seam on clothing, etc.
  • Process optimization through automation
  • e.g., by measuring of parts (accuracy +/- 0,5cm), alignment of the goods to be processed, etc.
  • Noise detection to detect defects
  • Alignment of robots to certain, previously set, reference points
  • and much more

Our algorithm can also pass on control commands to machines without interfering with the control system, because safety is our top priority!




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Application example: Alignment to a mobile home

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Rückseite Wohnmobil, Ausrichtung nach rechts und rechts drehen
Rückseite Wohnmobil, Ausrichtung passt, und nur nach rechts drehen
Mittige Ausrichtung zum Wohnmobil vollkommen richtig

Industry Meets Makers

In the summer of 2022, Wilhelm Schwarzmüller GmbH presented several challenges together with Rubblemaster HMH GmbH. We took a closer look at one of them – „safe loading of construction machinery“ and presented a solution to both Austrian companies. A solution that helps you to load a construction machine onto the flatbed truck in a fast, cost-efficient and – above all – safe way with just an iPhone. A solution that is expected to be implemented by us from February 2023! This will prevent accidents during loading, as well as reduce the risks of overturning of loaded goods during the journey in case the load is poorly secured.

More info: LINK



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