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Revolutionized obstacle detection – elegant and sporty at the same time, unobtrusive and easy to use. The InnoMake Clip is an innovative product made in Austria convincing with complex electronics and high quality.

Depending on the settings the system offers intelligent obstacle detection between 0.3 and 4 meters in the upper body area. Detecting obstacles the warning system provides pre-selected feedback – haptic (vibration) and/or acoustic. The vibration feedback comes directly on the device. If desired the output of the acoustic feedback can be selected on the smartphone using headphones/bone conduction headphones.

Depending on how far away the obstacle is, the feedback will be faster or slower.
All settings, such as feedback, range, intelligent mode, etc., can be made either directly on the device using the button or via app. 
The app for controlling the InnoMake Clip supports iOS operating systems, is free of charge and available in the respective app store. The InnoMake app has a user-friendly interface and is also fully supported by VoiceOver and thus it is barrier-free.

For individual applications, e.g., to select the level of recognition, the InnoMake Clip can be attached flexibly to various clothing items, a white cane, a walker, a backpack, and many more. The long-life lithium-polymer battery built into the water- and dust-resistant housing, lasts up to 8 hours even under full loaded system. Under normal load the InnoMake Clip can be used up to 5 days.

blinde Frau an Haltestelle mit Clip am Langstock


  • More safety and protection in walking direction

  • More protection against obstacles in the upper body area

  • Finding open passages, doors, windows, cars, walls and gaps between parked cars without touching them with the white cane

  • Warns of approaching or informs of persons moving away and spontaneous obstacles

  • The built-in LED provides greater visibility in public traffic

  • For use in combination with a white cane or guide dog

  • Can also be connected and combined with feelSpace naviBelt®

  • Safe movement in crowds

  • Can be operated analog or via smartphone app

  • Can be attached to the white cane

  • Can be used with snow and rain

  • Can be clipped or held

  • Free lifetime support

  • Free and accessible app

  • Lightweight, small and unobtrusive

  • Detection of glass doors

  • Intelligent mode

  • Free updates

InnoMake Clip in verschiedenen Farben dekorativ dargestellt
InnoMake Clips schwarz und grau Frontansicht; InnoMake Clip black and grey front side
InnoMake Clip montiert am Ledergürtel; InnoMake Clip mounted on leather belt
blinde Frau mit Langstock und InnoMakeClip; blind woman with white cane including InnoMake Clip


The App (of the same name) for controlling InnoMake is available free of charge in the App Store for iOS operating systems.

The InnoMake app has a user-friendly interface, fully acoustically output by the Apple accessibility tool VoiceOver and is therefore accessible.

You can make more detailed adjustments in the app, such as e.g. changing the detection range from 0.5 metres to 4 metres, in 0.5 metre steps. We have not even mentioned the additional mode settings, a clip search function, and a simple battery status indicator.
The core of the app is the acoustic feedback that it generates, which is provided via various headphones connected to the mobile end device.
In this way, you can ideally distinguish whether the obstacle feedback is coming from which device.
For this purpose, we recommend the use of so-called bone conduction headphones. This prevents the drowning out of environmental noises. Link to Apple Watch will follow!


Use together with naviBelt from FeelSpace

Feel feedback from InnoMake systems via naviBelt

Many people with visual impairments cannot feel anything on their feet – such as the feedback coming from InnoMake. As a remedy, we created an interface between the naviBelt and our InnoMake systems together with feelSpace, the manufacturer of the naviBelt. The vibrational feedback of InnoMake or InnoMake clip can be indicated from now on over the naviGürtel as well and is perceptible above the waist! This feature is usable in parallel with the navigation of the naviBelt and is realized with differently palpable vibrations.

InnoMake Clip im Bild mit naviGürtel von feelSpace


The InnoMake can be tested and ordered by us, Tec-Innovation GmbH and by Videbis GmbH. Videbis is an Austrian specialist dealer in technology for visually impaired and blind people. They also support you in applying for the costs of InnoMake. Make an appointment with the Videbis staff on + 43 1 27 88 333.

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