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InnoMake was developed to make everyday life safer for visually impaired and blind people through intelligent obstacle detection. InnoMake can also facilitate the work of safety organisations.

The warning system built into the shoe includes distance sensors, sensors for detecting foot movements, a vibration unit, an ultra-bright LED and a processing unit, as well as a wireless connection to a smartphone.
The built-in electronics and battery are mounted in a water and dust resistant casing at the front of the shoe.

When obstacles are detected, the warning system provides pre-selected feedback. This feedback can be haptic (vibration), acoustic or visual. The vibration feedback is provided directly in the shoe, which allows you to feel if there is an obstacle in front of you. The acoustic feedback is provided via a smartphone and if required via e.g. bone conduction headphones so as not to drown out environmental noises.

The visual impulses can be transmitted via the LED on the shoe and they can provide you with additional support in the dark. You can also use InnoMake without primary tools in familiar, safe environments, e.g. at home or at work, so that both hands are free.

InnoMake build in a sneaker. Step into the water, water is fishing away. speak bubble: "waterproof"

Wearing high-tech does not have to be eye-catching

The innovative InnoMake sensors warn you about obstacles (steps, pavement curbs, hydrants, persons, etc.) with acoustic and visual warning signals, as well as vibration feedback.

You can make adjustments in real time with the button on the back of the device. The range can be adjusted up to 4 metres by briefly pressing the button.
You can also check the battery charge level by pressing the button and activate the LED for better visibility. You can distinguish which mode you have set through the specially developed acoustic and haptic feedback. There is no need for a smartphone in order to use InnoMake.

In addition, you can activate the intelligent mode which automatically pauses the system, e.g. when you are sitting.
You can also use InnoMake as a scanner to obtain information about your environment by means of foot movement – simply start walking.

You don‘t even notice that you are wearing high-tech. The seamless integration into everyday life is enhanced by complex InnoMake algorithms, which intelligently activate and deactivate the system.

The built-in batteries effortlessly cope with average daily life due to this intelligent control system and last for up to one week, depending on use. You can fully recharge InnoMake within three hours with the provided Micro-USB cable. You can start walking as soon as the battery is fully charged.

The built-in electronics are optimally protected by the water and dust resistant casing. You have the choice to move outside in any weather, rain or shine.

Image: InnoMake on brown shoes, man walking up steps, waves in front of shoe
Image: Man wears InnoMake in shopping street


The App (of the same name) for controlling InnoMake is available free of charge in the App Store for iOS operating systems.

The InnoMake App has a user-friendly interface, fully acoustically output by the Apple accessibility tool VoiceOver and is therefore accessible.

You can make more detailed adjustments in the App, such as e.g. changing the detection range from 0.5 metres to 4 metres, in 0.5 metre steps. We have not even mentioned the additional mode settings, a shoe search function, and a simple battery status indicator.
The core of the App is the acoustic feedback that it generates, which is provided via various headphones connected to the mobile end device.
In this way, you can ideally distinguish whether the obstacle feedback is coming from the left or right shoe.
For this purpose, we recommend the use of so-called bone conduction headphones. This prevents the drowning out of environmental noises. Link to Apple Watch will follow!

Image: InnoMake App with smartphone, Bluetooth symbol;  Text: Accessible InnoMake App as a remote control, available in the App Store

Walking and gait analysis

The journey of optimizing the function


To ensure the proper functioning different research and investigations had been carried out. The Lab for walking and gait analysis of the Speising hospital for orthopedics helped us to acquire measurements of an average step for a blind person. 20 different cameras recorded a person moving up and down the lab.

Through this cooperation it was made possible to measure important features and values to design an ideal shoe and correctly plan out in which parts of the shoe which components are built in. With the help of DI Dr. A. Kranzl(Hospital Speising) further ideas about a prototype with regards to inclinations, bendability and stability were discussed.

Shoe & technology combined

REGIONALITY is very important to us and it also guides our company philosophy. All our suppliers and the casing originate from Austria or Europe – so do our long-standing partners and suppliers Waldviertler Werkstätten GmbH and HARTJES Gesellschaft m.b.H.

InnoMake is made with built-in metal tracks in the front of the shoe. Waldviertler integrates the metal tracks in the shoe production process. The InnoMake attachments can be inserted and removed from these tracks.
Waldviertler guarantees high quality, which means when the soles or other shoe components become worn, they can be renewed with little effort in the repair workshops.

Variant 1 – InnoMake in Waldviertler shoes:

The metal tracks are installed directly by Waldviertler. You can freely choose the model, size and colour of the shoes on offer.

Variant 2 – Retrofit InnoMake:

The metal tracks are installed in your own shoes or Hartjes shoes by an orthopaedic shoemaker – because your satisfaction is important to us.

With these two variants, you remain flexible and have the advantage that you can use your favourite shoes for any occasion. Deep integration into everyday life is therefore possible and InnoMake is always with you.

Logo Hartes Schuhe - aus Österreich

Shoe Model HARTJES

InnoMake is built into high-quality leather shoes from the HARTJES company.

The Hartjes company was founded by Heinrich Hartjes, originally as an orthopaedics workshop, in Pramet, Upper Austria in 1953. They still manufacture shoes there, which combine design, comfort and health, as Austria’s largest family-owned shoe manufacturer with around 140 employees.
When it comes down to it, HARTJES stands for three simple features: Comfort, fashion and sustainability.

These shoes can be manufactured in sizes EU 35 to EU 48.
The tracks are installed by highly qualified master orthopaedic shoemakers so that nothing more stands in the way of the complete InnoMake system. We will gladly handle this for you.

Visit the following stores and try on the shoes listed above (variant 1).

Flexibility is important to us

Am Bild zu sehen, Logo GEA – Waldviertler Schuhe


InnoMake is built into high-quality leather shoes from the Waldviertler shoe company.

There is a very robust metal track at the front of the shoe which is installed in the production process.
The user will be able to insert and remove the attachment part from this track, hence the user can use multiple pairs of shoes with just one pair of electronics.

Wald4tler guarantees high quality, which means when the soles or other shoe components become worn, they can be renewed with little effort. This is one of the reasons why we selected Wald4tler as our shoe manufacturer. These shoes can be manufactured in sizes EU 35 to EU 48.

Several shoes are available to try on in GEA shops (without electronics) → HERE

The Waldviertler models selected for InnoMake do not have heels, which is part of the Waldviertler philosophy. On the one hand, the models show Austrian tradition and, on the other hand, they provide a natural and comfortable feel for the wearer.
After a lot of walking, wear parts can easily be exchanged in the repair workshop in Schrems – another advantage of working together with an quality Austrian shoemaker. Waldviertler shoes will last “forever” with the right care – according to many customers.

Shoe stores

Fuß & Schuh Scheidl

Location: Hauptstraße 26, 2221 Groß-Schweinbarth – Austria

Contact (Link)

Schuhe & Orthopädie Geyrecker

Location: Stauwerkstraße 10, 3370 Ybbs – Austria

Contact (Link)

Schuster Schalk GmbH

Location: Neufeldweg 146, 8041 Graz – Austria

Contact (Link)

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