InnoBuddy - the app that changes lives

Targets – like free seats, are found only with difficulty.

Obstacles – often appear quite spontaneously, especially steps down!

Objects – can only be recognized by sounds and/or touching them.

A guide dog needs much attention, food and visits the veterinarian.

Everyday life – could be so much easier!

An app for the iPhone that, among other things, is the world’s first tool to also detect downward obstacles up to 4 meters, to perceive objects in front of the camera and to communicate via voice output.

An app that runs unobtrusively in the background, parallel to everyday life, using the most advanced type of artificial intelligence, augmented reality as well as 3D-object-recognition!


This state-of-the-art technology works on any 12Pro, 13Pro and 14Pro series iPhone models.

The InnoBuddy app is of course compatible, controllable and easy to use with VoiceOver, Apple’s assistance program for people with visual impairments!

If you are also interested in testing our app for a few weeks without obligation, let us know: LINK.

Icon InnoBuddy App TESTVERSUCH
junge blinde Dame spaziert mit iPhone umgehängt in der Fußgängerzone (ohne Langstock)

Obstacle detection


Our iOS app detects obstacles up to 4 meters in front of the camera lens. Hung around the neck on a cell phone chain, the cell phone camera looks ahead and scans the surroundings.

In addition to the range, you can also set the clearance width in the app to prevent bumping into a door frame, for example, both at the side and at head height. Even high, protruding branches above the sidewalk can easily be detected in time.

One of InnoBuddy’s breakthrough capabilities is to detect and warn of steps leading downwards, holes in the floor, and many other visible level differences.

In the audio output, this is realized by a 3D stereo sound, through which the distance, height and position of the obstacle can be inferred.

A red dot on the obstacle makes it visible to sighted people on the display.


Display des Smartphones während der Anwendung
blinde Person mit iPhone nutzt InnoBuddy-App
zu einem Objekt gehen, das durch InnoBuddy-App erkannt wurde
blinde Person erkennt freien Sitzplatz auf Parkbank durch InoBuddy-App

Object recognition

In the first app release InnoBuddy will tell you which object is in front of you. With an intensive training after some months, InnoBuddy will tell you how far the object is away and the size of it – because the intelligent digital guide dog will be trained to work with 3D-object detection! Examples are: People, doors, windows, cars … – our app also detects quiet electric cars – without making any noise.

You can easily select from a list of predefined objects – in the basic version as many as you like – and have them output acoustically. This can be done individually depending on the location, an event or one’s own interest.

By knowing the exact location of the object, it is also possible to navigate to the object.

If the app recognizes a toilet, for example, you’ll never have to search for it again!

From now on also doors can be passed easily, e.g., to change rooms at events – you just have to select the object ‚doors‘ and let the smartphone search for it in the environment.

blinde Person delektiert mit Hilfe von InnoBuddy-App Menschen auf einer Sitzbank und Autos im Hintergrund

Face recognition

What if I knew, who was standing in front of me?

Face recognition is also a key feature of our innovative app (available at Mai 2023).

With the BASIC version you can add up to 10 faces and with the PREMIUM versionup to 50 (!!) faces can be stored. It doesn’t matter if the person is only 0.5 or 3 meters away, our algorithm recognizes the faces of people in the environment and compares them with your individual, self-created database.

blinde InnoBuddy-User unterhält sich mit sehender Person

and a lot more...

The training of InnoBuddy isn’t finished yet, the following skills will be available soon – FOR EVERYBODY:

  • Navigation via augmented reality
    Use InnoBuddy and its AR by creating a reference point in your environment to find it independently
    (WC, doors, buffet, etc.)
  • innovative wardrobe
    You look for a special shirt with a specific color?
    – InnoBuddy will tell you, where you can find it!
  • downward obstacles
    downward stairs, holes on the sidewalk, etc.?
    – InnoBuddy will warn you! (good things come to those who wait, u know?)
  • localization of objects
    You are walking in the city holding the wrapping of your burger?
    – InnoBuddy will navigate you to the next dust bin!
  • personal profiles
    Set your own personal profiles for your daily routine – totally individual!
Blinde Frau lächelnd, dahinter Straßenbahn

What the future holds

Starting with February 2023 the app will be put through its paces with several BETA-testers, who signed up voluntarily. The release in the iOS app store will follow in June 2023 with a FREE version and a BASIC version. We will have to wait a little longer for the release of the PREMIUM version.

*all prices incl. VAT

FREE version:
(completely for free):

  • Obstacle detection up to 1 meter
  • Object detection up to one object

    BASIC version:
    *1 month: 29,90€
    *3 months: 79,90€ – instead of 89,70€
    *12 months: 299,90€ – 
    instead of 358,80€

    • Obstacle detection up to 4 meters
    • Object detection enabled
    • face recognition up to 10 faces (available at Mai 2023)

      PREMIUM version:
      (no prices available yet)

      • Obstacle detection up to 4 meters
      • Object detection unlocked
      • Face recognition up to 50 faces (available at Mai 2023)
      • Profiling for more comfort
      • Siri commands
      • and many more


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