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Grafische Darstellung der Funktionen von IMU-Robo-Kit

Ultrasound based obstacle detection:

  • Robust sensor (even in outdoor areas in precipitation, less sensitive to dirt than optical sensors (IP55), more energy-efficient than processing data from optical sensors)
  • Glass and mirror surface detection
  • Ultrasonic raw data or final calculated distance value as output


In existing robotic systems, the collection of internal algorithms is often a black box, making it impossible to access IMU data from the device. The IMU-Robo-Kit provides real-time acceleration and attitude data and evaluations of the magnetometer, but also a final calculation of the Euler values of the device to which the IMU-Robo-Kit is attached.


The raw data of the IMU-Robo-Kit can be delivered to the processor of your robot by means of various interfaces.

Possible interfaces are:

  • Bluetooth©
  • Serial
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • USB


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