IMU-Robo-Kit as Add-on for SPOT-Robot Dog

Mobile Robots often do not have mechanical sensors, such as ultrasound, and therefore cannot detect glass, etc. as obstacles. We can! READ MORE…

Autonomous Mobility

With the current shortage of skilled workers, steadily increasing pressure from competitors and the associated process optimization to automate construction machinery, our expertise in the subject of autonomous mobilization of construction machinery is one of our greatest assets. Well-known companies are already interested in a concept! READ MORE…

Smartphone as a tool

Wherever there’s no room for a PC, but AI or its evaluation is needed on site, our technologies are applicable. We make AI mobile – on and offline. READ MORE…

Obstacle detection systems for people with visual impairment

In 2014 we started researching obstacle detection systems and launched the first product in the end of 2019 – the InnoMake Shoe. As a more mobile alternative, also the InnoMake Clip and the naviBelt from FeelSpace are available. READ MORE…

InnoMake Clips schwarz u. grau von vorne; InnoMake Clips black and grey front side
InnoMake Aufsatz
InnoMake Aufsatz auf blauen Waldviertler Schuhen
Bild: InnoMake Aufsatz Rückseite, Text: Medizinprodukt der Klasse 1
InnoMake Aufsatz auf schwarzen Hartjes Schuhen
InnoMake Aufsätze Vorderseite

InnoMake Clip

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Quality from Austria

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Class 1 medical device

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Your ideal everyday tool

  You don‘t even notice that you are wearing high-tech. The seamless integration into everyday life is enhanced by complex InnoMake algorithms, which intelligently activate and deactivate the system. The built-in batteries effortlessly cope with average daily life due to this intelligent control system and last for up to one week, depending on use. The built-in electronics are optimally protected by the water and dust resistant casing. You have the choice to move outside in any weather, rain or shine.


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