blinde Frau mit InnoMake Clip montiert am Langstock; blind woman with InnoMake Clip mounted on white cane

InnoMake - one step ahead

The idea of InnoMake was to make the daily life of visually impaired and blind people safer by intelligent obstacle detection.

The InnoMake sends and receives ultrasound signals while walking, using an innovative algorithm. As a result, the system knows how far away you are from an obstacle and warns you up to 4 meters ahead.

With the accessible InnoMake – iOS – app, you can configure, for example, how early and in which way you want to be warned (vibration inside the shoe, acoustically via smartphone).

›Innovation and high-tech united‹

Using the InnoMake in a familiar and safe environment, e.g. at home or at work, it can also be used without primary aid, enabling the user to use both hands freely.
Regardless of the area of application, InnoMake does not mark the user as visually impaired or blind.

›Wearing high-tech without attracting attention‹

That is how it works:
1. Choose your favorite modified shoes
2. Insert the InnoMake-attachment to your shoes
3. Press the button to activate the system
4. Settings by a button or smartphone
5. Start walking

Der InnoMake - one step ahead by Tec-Innovation
Image: Man wears InnoMake in shopping street
InnoMake Clips schwarz u. grau von vorne; InnoMake Clips black and grey front side
InnoMake Aufsatz
InnoMake Aufsatz auf blauen Waldviertler Schuhen
Bild: InnoMake Aufsatz Rückseite, Text: Medizinprodukt der Klasse 1
InnoMake Aufsatz auf schwarzen Hartjes Schuhen
InnoMake Aufsätze Vorderseite

InnoMake Clip

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Quality from Austria

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Class 1 medical device

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Your ideal everyday aid


You don‘t even notice that you are wearing high-tech. The seamless integration into everyday life is enhanced by complex InnoMake algorithms, which intelligently activate and deactivate the system.

The built-in batteries effortlessly cope with average daily life due to this intelligent control system and last for up to one week, depending on use.

The built-in electronics are optimally protected by the water and dust resistant casing. You have the choice to move outside in any weather, rain or shine.

Everything at a glance

Shoe models & shops


Would you like to know which shoe models the InnoMake fits and where the nearest shop is in your area? Then look HERE (Link) vorbei



Would you like to know who the creative minds behind InnoMake are? Our team introduces itself HERE (Link).

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Innovation from the Present – AI and AR for Industry


From the basic idea of developing an app for blind people that recognizes obstacles and objects, a new application was realized! With similar access, modified algorithms and the latest technology of Apple, it is now possible to offer solutions for transportation, logistics and production.

Technology for ALL – an approach with future!

AI, AR and/or 3D object recognition are no longer an option in these industries, but a MUST. The later one considers applying it, the bigger the lead of the competitors.

Text "AI" auf Elektronik; Quelle:


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