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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the shoe detect the ground as an obstacle

NO, the built-in sensors only warn the users of relevant objects.

Is the range of the measurement fixed?
No, the measurement range can be configured in real time with our app that is available from the Apple-App-Store. Therefore one can easily adapt the settings for different everyday life situations.
For example when walking in a large area or in confined spaces.

How does the InnoMake warn users about obstacles?
Upon detection of an obstacle, the InnoMake provides audible, visual and or tactile feedback. Dependent on the intensity of the feedback the user can infer the distance of an obstacle. The acoustic feedback is provided by the smartphone ( distinguishable whether from the left or the right shoe). Bone conduction headphones can be connected via Bluetooth with the mobile phone to be able to comfortably listen to the audio feedback without blocking nearby sounds. The visual feedback is provided by an LED on the shoes, which can be used for better visibility in the dark. The tactile feedback is provided via vibration in the shoe itself.

Can the warning system be used with multiple shoes?
Yes, because the warning system is housed in a water and dust resistant enclosing in the front of the shoe, which can be easily detached and attached to a different shoe of the Tec-Innovation. Therefore various shoe models can be used with one and the same warning system.

When is the InnoMake available for purchase?
Pre-orders can be made immediately. The delivery of the first units is scheduled for June 2020. Since the reimbursement for the InnoMake by public authorities is possible, but time-consuming, we recommend an early order and reimbursement submission.

Are you still searching for volunteer testers?
The beta test phase is completed therefore we do not accept additional testers. We are very thankful for the support of our testers during the development phase.

How do you finance the development and marketing?
Through the support of external investors, friends and family it was possible to start a company. For the professional development of this project the necessary funds were raised back in 2016. With an investment of committed business angels it was possible to obtain fundings, for example by the AWS and FFG.

How exactly does the InnoMake work?
You can find detailed information about the functions here: FUNCTIONING

Why “Waldviertler” shoes?
Tec-Innovation GmbH relies on high quality. The InnoMake is a high-priced and qualitative European product, which is why the electronic components are installed in robust and repairable shoes, that do not have to be disposed after a short period of time. “Waldviertler” offers a great repair service for its customers. The electronic system can only be installed in shoes specifically designed by us.

For further questions do not hesitate to contact us via our CONTACT FORM.


CEO Kevin Pajestka and Heinrich Staudinger CEO Waldviertler Schuhe (GEA)

CEO Kevin Pajestka
Heinrich Staudinger / CEO Waldviertler Schuhe (GEA)