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Dear students,

you are very welcome to apply for an internship (1 to 3 months) with us. You can gain experience in the areas of business, technology and marketing in a young start-up company.

As a young start-up, we can only offer unpaid internships.

Final Thesis (University or technical collage)

Dear students and professors,

we would be very pleased to help if you need a young company to complete your final thesis/project work. Our company covers some interesting topics:

  • People with disabilities as potential customers
    – e.g. cooperation of blind people in our projects, etc.
  • Economic aspects of a start-up
    – setting up, funding, investment, etc.
  • Technical approaches in an innovative project
    – PCT patent application, electronics, tests, etc.
  • Ethical issues when realising an innovative product
    – safety, people with disabilities, etc.
  • Marketing und PR
    – Marketing concepts and publications, international sales, etc.
  • Administration
    – legal processes, laws, proceedings, employees, etc.

Contact us directly by email and together we will consider how we can help you and vice versa to successfully overcome a milestone!

Lectures and Workshops

Dear directors, professors and teachers,

we are pleased to announce that the management of Tec-Innovation GmbH also gives lectures for university courses/classes as well as special subjects.

With our diverse educations and experiences, we form an ideal team as managing directors of a start-up that develops an intelligent shoe for obstacle detection.

Kevin Pajestka (year 1993)
After a short stint at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien (Biomedical engineering), he founded a business with social impact from his HTL diploma thesis.
As the person responsible for R&D, he now manages the development as well as cooperations and collaborations with non-university research institutions.

Mag. Markus Raffer (year 1990)

After graduating from the Commercial Academy, he completed his law studies at the age of 23. He became aware of Kevin Pajestka and his start-up during a judicial clerkship and he is now responsible for the economic and legal side of the company. The fact that he is almost blind (residual vision below three percent) contributes significantly to the product development.

Story of the management team via the following link: STORY

As young and hitherto successful founders, we are convinced that the pursuit of innovative ideas, reinforced by insights gained in the daily workings of a start-up can result in the realisation of business models and products which are often withheld at secondary academic school/higher vocational school level.

We would like to share our expertise and experience from a wide range of areas with pupils, students and teachers.

Topics we cover


  • From the idea to the implementation decision
  • Budgeting (break-even calculation, etc.)
  • Business plan from the perspective of investors and funding agencies
  • Austrian and European funding jungle
  • Search for investors (events, make contact, conduct and integrity)
  • Handling an investment (company valuation, contracts, agreements and decisions)

Legal matters

  • Setting up a company
  • Which legal form is theoretically and practically advantageous (from the perspective of a start-up <-> from the perspective of an investor)
  • The path from the idea to the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO)
  • Patent applications (process: from the idea to the PCT application)
  • What really matters for lawyers, patent agents and tax consultants?
  • Liability for placing novel products on the market and liability for trialling such products


  • Definition of a target customer
    (Who is my customer?)
  • Customer survey
  • Acquisition – Strategies
  • Correct interaction

Partners [Nothing is possible without competent partners!]

  • Partner search (who could help me – who could I help?)
  • Contacting partners
  • Confidentiality (NDA)
  • Partners <-> Competition
  • Interaction with partners


  • Ethical insight (project-related)
  • Question about meaning for society
  • Planning
  • Development
  • Supplier search (search and possible types of processing – national and international)
  • Planning a market launch
  • Publication (pros and cons)

Marketing und PR

  • Which media are relevant
  • The way into the media
  • In public (pros and cons, what should come out?)
  • Website, Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Individual focus areas are set in the workshop depending on the target group.


  • Lecture at the University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna in September 2016
    Course of study: Master – Health Assisting Engineering
    Corresponding images, click here: → IMAGE LINK
  • Lecture at the WEBSTER Private University in Vienna on
    Break-Even-Point • SWOT Analysis • Start-up foundation • Investments
    Corresponding images, click here: → IMAGE LINK

Costs for Lectures and Workshops

The costs are agreed on an individual basis according to actual expenditure. (Journey, documents, scope of activity, etc.)

We look forward to receiving your messages!
(Messages can also be sent using the contact form or directly via email to the management)

Your Tec-Innovation TEAM.


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