The InnoMake can be tested and ordered by Videbis GmbH and by Tec-Innovation GmbH. Videbis is an Austrian specialist dealer in technology for visually impaired and blind people. They also support you in applying for the costs of InnoMake. Make an appointment with the Videbis staff on + 43 1 27 88 333.

Tec-Innovation GmbH

Virtual chats or personal tests are possible at our location in Vienna.

Appointments and address (Labor Vienna)

Videbis GmbH

Telephone information or personal tests are possible at the following locations.

Shopfinder (Link)

Shoe stores

HERE you can find a list of shoes that you should take with you when trying on them in the respective stores.

Fuß & Schuh Scheidl

Hauptstraße 26,
2221 Groß-Schweinbarth – Austria

Contact (Link)

Schuhe & Orthopädie Geyrecker

Stauwerkstraße 10,
3370 Ybbs – Austria

Contact (Link)

Schuster Schalk GmbH

Neufeldweg 146,
8041 Graz – Austria

Contact (Link)


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