The picture shows a view of the shoes used during the beta test phase.


Before the market entry we offered twenty volunteers throughout Austria the opportunity to test the InnoMake shoe free of charge.

The beta phase was aimed at visually impaired and blind people of all ages. To be able to test the InnoMake a mobile phone with iOS operating system, for which we provide our app, is necessary. With the help of our app different settings like the maximum range and the type of feedback can be adjusted.

Of course our InnoMake app is fully operable with VoiceOver.

Feedback by our customers

Tester and customer feedback: The shoe could help during rescue operations and potentially save lives. Roman Sykora (Firedepartment Vienna) / With the help of the shoes I can walk faster. - Lilly (8 years old) / The short reaction time of the InnoMake fascinated me – Daniela (33 years old) / I can rely on these shoes (42 years old)