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Are you one of those companies that can’t wait to jump on the AI-train?

AI (=artificial intelligence) helps us optimize processes, research efficiently and quickly, make predictions, use image-based systems to detect threats, anomalies and/or objects.
Hardware alone, such as camera systems (3D, 2D, etc.) or processors for processing (JETSON, etc.) is not enough. Only together with the appropriate software, the inputs of the sensors and the processors that make it possible, AI can work. An AI with a defined start and goal can also optimize your business.

AI, AR and/or 3D object recognition is no longer an option in manufacturing, logistics, transportation and more, it is a MUST.

The later you consider applying state of the art technology, the bigger the advantage of your competitors.

mindmaps for AI applications (consisting of items mentioned below)


Setting up an AI – we do it for you

Zwei Menschen unterhalten sich
Problem analysis<br />
Together with you we work on a solution that will improve the efficiency and quality of your business. We identify the areas where AI makes sense and create a strategy to guide the way forward. Processes, monitoring, changes, measurements, etc. are examined, analyzed and prepared for AI.<br />
Selecting a suitable network<br />
In order to correctly annotate existing data or data yet to be captured, the correct network must be selected first. This depends on what information from objects, images, depth information, etc. is to be processed or determined. Then the next work package can be started.<br />
Visualisierung von Daten, Netzwerk
Mann wirft Kamera in die Luft, mysteriös dargestellt
Creation of images<br />
To create an AI, images are initially needed to train it. Alternatively, there are datasets that can be expanded as needed to provide more data to the AI. We can obtain or create this basic data for you. The data does not necessarily have to consist of final images, even point cloud data from depth cameras can be annotated and used by AIs.<br />
Annotation of images, objects, etc.<br />
Depending on the application, between 800 and 2000 images need to be captured and annotated manually (or by a specially developed AI) in order for the AI to know which data is relevant. We annotate information in images or point clouds according to your requirements, if no existing datasets with already annotated data are available.<br />
zwei gleiche Objekte in einem Bild werden erkannt und markiert
Sortieren von gleichen Perlen - Visualisierung von maschinellem Lernen
Training the AI<br />
Training is divided into several steps: On the one hand, you can supervise a predefined training with specially designed algorithms, and on the other hand, you can perform unsupervised training, where the AI decides on its own through pattern recognition. This requires special computers/processors that can withstand this performance - we can advise you in this area or also carry out the training.<br />
Conversion for various devices<br />
The "finished" AI will eventually need to be deployed on hardware. This can be done online or offline, depending on your company's security standards and the speed of AI decisions you expect. In terms of hardware, we are talking about directly installed processors, such as JETSON, Intel's Movidius, and many more, or end devices, such as a high-tech smartphone (iPhone, Google Pixel, etc.).<br />
PC von innen - als Visualisierung für diverse Endgeräte
erster Mac von Apple, Anzeige: "hello"
Product development<br />
Do you want to integrate AI into your business and implement it for e.g. iPhones under iOS? Our know-how allows a realization on different devices. After a joint conceptual design, we can provide you with a developed system that you can integrate and use, or we can work with you to create new applications.<br />



Software through hardware – you through us

RealSense Tiefenbildkamera
Jetson Nano von Nvidia
Smartphones 2D und 3D
Movidius Stick von Intel
AI application on various images (medicine, manufacturing, object monitoring, pharma industry)


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